AbsoDry Portable 450

Wall-mounted model also for movable applications! 

The main advantage of AbsoDry Portable 450 is that it can be wall-mounted or hung on a hook for use in spaces that “move”. Areas where it may be especially useful include caravans, motor homes, boats and cars. It is also ideal at home in wardrobes or other spaces where you cannot or do not want to place a dehumidifier on the floor, due to tipping risk, or a space where there is no floor area available.


The crystals absorb excess moisture. At 45% humidity (safe for health and property) the absorption process stops and is only reactivated if the level increases again - all automatically and without electricity! When the crystals have been used up, the container is emptied into the sink or toilet and the bag is deposited with the rest of the household waste. The container is then replenished with an original AbsoDry Refill.

One Refill of 450g lasts up to 6 months depending on the level of humidity and is perfect for a space up to 10 m³ and up to 3 months for a space up to 35 m³. If the liquid comes into contact with metal, leather or wood it can be cleaned with lukewarm water.

Content: 1 absorber + 1 refill á 450g 
Dimensions: 205 x 58 x H330 mm.

Art. no.: 210N (Nature) 210G (Graphite / black)