How it works 

AbsoDry 450 consists of a container and a bag of hygroscopic crystals. It is activated when the outer bag is opened and the inner bag with the crystals is placed in the lower container (see illustration).

The crystals absorb excess moisture. At 45% humidity (safe for health and property) the absorption process stops and is only reactivated if the level increases again – all automatically and without electricity! When the crystals have been used up, the container is emptied into the sink or toilet and the bag is deposited with the rest of the household waste. The container is then replenished with an original AbsoDry Refill.

1 Refill 450g will last 1-3 months depending on the humidity level and is ideal for an unventilated area of på 35 m³. The liquid should not come into contact with metal, leather or wood; if it does, rinse with lukewarm water.